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    Doubles Stats 2008


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    Doubles Stats 2008 Empty Doubles Stats 2008

    Post  DE on Tue Apr 14, 2009 5:15 pm

    Sunday Doubles Winners Feb. 08- Dec. 08

    Derrick Ellet 9 wins

    Eric Walker 7 wins

    Steve Boylan 7 wins

    John Strifler 6 wins

    Tony Williams 4 wins

    Scott Sharer 4 wins

    Mike Dockery 3 wins

    Mike Whitt 2 wins

    Scott Collins 2 wins

    Perry Dunne 2 wins

    Kevin James 2 wins

    1 time winners:

    Jim Trueblood, Ken Hollenbach, Jeffe Collins, Dallas Mitchell, Dan Layton, Derek Firch, Scott Bartlett, Dennis Hanshew, Mike Dockery, Jesse Cahill, Ron Chambers, Sam, Mark Ross, Cameron Wolf, Mike Jenneman, and Henry Aldridge, James Williams.

    Best scores Feb. 08-Dec. 08

    43 Derrick Ellet/Steve Boylan
    44 John Strifler/Steve Boylan
    45 Eric Walker/Wildman, Jim Trueblood/Scott Collins, Eric Walker/Dennis Hanshew
    46 Eric Walker/Kevin James, Steve Boylan/Wildman, Derrick Ellet/Henry Aldridge
    47 Dallas Mitchell/Jeffe Collins, Derek Firch/Steve Boylan, Eric Walker/Mike Whitt, Scott Sharer/Jeffe Collins, Mike Whitt/Vince Brooks, Scott Sharer/Wildman, Derrick Ellet/Mike Jenneman, Steve Boylan/James Williams
    48 Kevin James/James Etchison, Tony Williams/Derrick Ellet, Henry Aldridge/Jon, John Strifler/Ron Chambers, John Strifler/Eric Walker, Eric Walker/Tony Williams, Scott Sharer/Wildman, Dallas Mitchell/Perry Dunne, Steve Boylan/Sam, Dallas Mitchell/Brian Kinney, Derrick Ellet/Jeffe Collins
    49 Scott Sharer/Derrick Ellet, Scott Collins/Derrick Ellet, Dennis Hanshew/Wildman, Scott Bartlett/Wildman, Derrick Ellet/Wildman, Derrick Ellet/Scott Bartlett, Henry Aldridge/Brian Young, Ron Chambers/Henry Hernandez, Cameron Wolf/Mark Ross, Scott Sharer/Tony Williams, Scott Sharer/Wildman
    50 Scott Collins/Derrick Ellet, Ken Hollenbach/John Strifler, Tim Etchison/James Etchison, Henry Aldridge/James Etchison, Scott Sharer/Steve Boylan, Brian/Derrick Ellet, Danny/Steve Boylan, Jeffe Collins/Tony Williams, Mike Whitt/Tony Williams, Scott Collins/Wildman, Ron Chambers/Dallas Mitchell, Jesse Cahill/Wildman, Scott Collins/Dennis Hanshew, Henry Aldridge/Jeffe Collins, Henry Aldridge/Josh Hall, Ron Chambers/John Strifler, Jeffe Collins/Ron Chambers, Scott Sharer/Josh Weber, Derrick Ellet/Mike Whitt, Scott Bartlett/Derrick Ellet, Mike Dockery/Wildman, Mike Dockery/Derrick Ellet, Scott Sharer/Ben Meyaard

    Most Times Wildman
    3 Scott Sharer
    2 Mike Dockery
    1 Mark Ross, Sam Willard, Eric Walker, Jesse Cahill, Josh Hall, Scott Collins, Steve Boylan, Derrick Ellet, Ron Chambers, Scott Bartlett, Dennis Hanshew, Chelsi Snyder

    Best Attendance since 3-23-08

    25 rounds Derrick Ellet 36% wins
    15 rounds Scott Sharer 27 % wins
    13 rounds Ron Chambers 8% wins
    13 rounds Perry Dunne 15 % wins
    13 rounds Mike Dockery 23% wins
    12 rounds John Strifler 50% wins
    10 rounds Tony Williams 40% wins
    9 rounds Steve Boylan 78% wins
    9 Rounds Henry Aldridge 11% wins
    9 rounds Jeffe Collins 11% wins
    7 rounds Mark Ross 14% wins
    7 rounds Mike Whitt 29% wins
    7 rounds Eric Walker 100% wins
    6 rounds Scott Collins 33% wins
    6 rounds Alex Plummer 0% wins
    Many others too numerous to mention…


    One ace hit from August 2007-December 2008
    Perry Dunne hole #4
    On 7-13-08 for $243

    Thank you to all who attended Avon Sunday Doubles in 2008.

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