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    Best Shot Stats 2010


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    Best Shot Stats 2010 Empty Best Shot Stats 2010

    Post  DE on Thu Dec 30, 2010 10:45 pm

    There were 29 rounds of best shot doubles this year. Course record on the “new” [July 2009] layout was actually a tie of old layout record, -11. It was tied twice before being bested with a -12 in May 2010. That score is yet to be beat.
    Sunday Best Shot Doubles Winners Jan. 2010 to Dec. 2010

    Scott Sharer 14 wins
    Derrick Ellet 10 wins
    Randy Canter 5 wins
    Cameron Weigand 3 wins
    Mark Ross 3 wins
    Mike Dockery 3 wins
    John Strifler 2 wins
    Jeffe Collins 2 wins
    Matt Johns 2 wins
    Perry Dunne 2 wins
    James Meegan 1 win
    Alex Sprague 1 win
    Greg Hastings 1 win
    William Lawson 1 win
    Rob Henderson 1 win
    Rob Johnston 1 win
    Steve Boylan 1 win
    Craig Knisley 1 win
    Ted Jennermann 1 win
    John Alfonso 1 win
    Bill Riemenschneider 1 win
    Scott Stanrnes 1 win
    Chris Sinnett 1 win
    Brian Greer 1 win
    Zach Ross 1 win

    Best Scores 2010

    42Steve Boylan/Craig Knisley [new course record-best shot doubles]
    43Randy Canter/Derrick Ellet, Rob Johnston/Jeffe Collins, Ted Jennermann/Cameron Weigand
    44Jeffe Collins/Derrick Ellet, Jeffe Collins/Brandon Kissel
    45Mark Ross/Scott Sharer, Derrick Ellet/Scott Sharer
    46Scott Sharer/Rob Henderson, Scott Sharer/Cameron Weigand x2, Henry Aldridge/Rob Johnston, John Alfonso/Bill Riemenschneider, Mark Ross/Derrick Ellet, Scott Sharer/Brian Greer
    47Scott Sharer/Scott Collins, John Strifler/Tony Williams, Derrick Ellet/Mark Ross, Scott Collins/Derrick Ellet, John Strifler/Scott Sharer, Derrick Ellet/Randy Canter, Derrick Ellet/Mike Dockery, Derrick Ellet/Matt Johns, Mark Ross/Zach Ross, Jarimee White/Mike Greer
    48Scott Collins/Jeffe Collins, James Meegan/Steve Boylan, John Strifler/Greg Hastings, Randy Canter/ Dan Schimpf, Zach Ross/Derrick Ellet, Scott Sharer/Mike Dockery, Jeffe Collins/Corey Bensley, Scott Sharer/David Mehrle, Henry Aldridge/Brent McClain, Scott Starnes/John Strifler, Randy Canter/Chris Sinnett, Mark Ross/Zach Ross x2, David Merhle/Peter Finley, Vince Brooks/Ashton Merhle, Rob Johnston/Bill Riemenschneider, Zach Ross/Scott Sharer, Matt Johns/Jeff Schaekel, Derrick Ellet/John Alphonso, 3. Scott Sharer/Jeff Nugent
    49Steve Boylan/James Meegan, Scott Sharer/Mark Ross x2, Scott Sharer/William Lawson, Angie McCorkle/Brandon Hague, Shane Boomershine/Mike Dockery, Derrick Ellet/Kevin Smith, Randy Canter/David Plasterer, Cameron Weigand/Derrick Ellet, Jeff Nugent/Zach Ross, Scott Sharer/Henry Aldridge, Bill Riemenschneider/Alex Sprague, Zach Ross/Wildman, Derrick Ellet/Wildman, Steve Boylan/Mike Greer, Brian Greer/Derrick Ellet, Zach Ross/Perry Dunne
    50 Scott Sharer/Randy Canter, Derek Hartle/Scott Sharer, Derrick Ellet/Matt Wade, Jeff Nugent/Matt Thomas, Scott Colllins/Mike Dockery, Matt Thomas/Mark Ross, Henry Aldridge/Bill Riemenschneider, James Williams/Brandon Hague, Jeff Nugent/Zach Ross, Rob Henderson/Brent McClain, Pat Crimans/Nick Nacrelli, Derrick Ellet/Matt Johns, Matt Johns/Wildman, Rob Henderson/Scott Sharer, Randy Canter/Jarimee White, Mike Greer/Randy Canter, Scott Sharer/Mike Dockery

    Wildmen 2010

    Name Score Place Notes
    Derrick Ellet 51 1st won playoff
    Derrick Ellet 56 3rd orange discs in my bag
    Darren Francis 53 3rd Easter
    John Alfonso 51 5th -11 tied record that day
    Zach Ross 53 4th Mother’s Day
    Alex Sprague 55 3rd poor weather
    Shane Boomershine54 6th 17 players that day
    Mark Ross 52 5th Fourh of July
    Brian Stiner 52 4th 11 players that day
    James Meegan 54 5th 9 players that day
    Matt Johns 50 5th Matt Aced #15
    Zach Ross 49 4th Wildman Record - 2010
    Derrick Ellet 49 3rd
    James Persinger 59 5th 9 players that day
    Brian Greer 53 5th unseasonably warm

    Best Attendance 2010
    Name # of plays win percentage
    Derrick Ellet 28 35.7%
    Scott Sharer 26 53.8%
    Zach Ross 20 5%
    Mark Ross 19 16%
    Alex Sprague 15 6.7%
    Randy Canter 12 42%
    John Strifler 10 20%
    Jeff Nugent 10
    Mike Dockery 6 50%
    Scott Collins 5
    Jeffe Collins 5 40%
    Henry Aldridge 5
    Matt Johns 5 40%
    James Meegan 4 25%
    Steve Boylan 4 25%
    Rob Henderson 4 25%
    Brandon Hague 4
    Craig Knisley 4 25%
    David Merhle 4
    Ashton Merhle 4
    Bill Riemenschneider4 25%
    Ted Jennermann 4 25%
    Cameron Weigand 4 75%
    Ben Meyaard 3
    Perry Dunne 3 67%
    Rob Johnston 3 33%
    John Alfonso 3 33%
    Tony Williams 3
    Chris Rivers 3
    James Persinger 3
    David Greer 3
    Mike Greer 3
    Brian Greer 3 33%
    Jarimee White 3
    Darren Francis 2
    Greg Hastings 2 50%
    Matt Thomas 2
    James Williams 2
    Shane Boomershine 2
    Ted Klees 2
    Justin Hogan 2
    Brent McClain 2
    Derek Hartle 1
    Will Lawson 1 100%
    Matt Wade 1
    Dan Schimpf 1
    Adam Carmicheal 1
    Angie McCorkle 1
    Corey Bensley 1
    Adam Kasper 1
    Josh Hall 1
    Kevin Smith 1
    David Plasterer 1
    Chad Bryant 1
    Ryan Phipps 1
    Brandon Kissel 1
    Jake Clampitt 1
    Dan Kunz 1
    Peter Finley 1
    Vince Brooks 1
    Daryl Miller 1
    Jeff Schaekel 1
    Brent Drescher 1
    Steve Kissel 1
    Nick Jackson 1
    Brian Stiner 1
    Nick Nacrelli 1
    Pat Crimans 1
    Chris Sinnet 1 100%
    Charlie Starnes 1
    Scott Starnes 1 100%
    Ali Great 1

    Aces 2010

    Dear Ace Diary,

    March 7, 2010 – Randy Canter ties the course record and gets an ace on #14 using his trusty Magnet putter. After his partner, Derrick Ellet, parks and tells him to put it in, Randy smoothly and confidently gave it a never-a-doubt ace run.

    June 13, 2010 – With swirling winds on tricky #6, Ted Jennermann sent his Blue Champ Rhyno, fighting the forces of nature, into the basket. It was a strong, slight hyzer route that won Ted and Cameron Weigand $110.

    July 4, 2010 – John Alfonso was very happy when he aced #2 with his yellow putter. He and his partner, Bill Riemenschneider, played the rest of the round hoping the ace fund was more than $9. They were mistaken.

    July 11, 2010 – I did not see this one, but knowing Henry Aldridge he probably stepped right up to this shortest hole on the course and put his disc through the chains. Henry most likely used a floppy Champ Panther or something similar. He and Brent McClain won a cool $8. E for effort.

    September 5, 2010 – Matt Johns’ unorthodox approach to the game obviously paid off today with a tree-slam ace on hole #15. It’s as though the guardian tree putted it in itself. Playing as the Wildman Matt won $47 all to himself.

    October 17, 2010 – Normally going straight for the basket on #14, Scott Sharer guided [not purposely] his red RPro Dart out around the hyzer route. It turned out perfect with an ace worth $38 for him and Brian Greer.

    Since August 2007 – most aced holes have been #14, 4 times; #2, 3 times, and #15, 2 times. One-timers are #13, #6.

    Thanks to all who played HCDGC Best Shot Doubles in 2010.

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