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    Doubles Stats 2009


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    Doubles Stats 2009 Empty Doubles Stats 2009

    Post  DE on Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:19 pm

    Sunday Doubles Winners Jan. 09 to Dec. 09

    Scott Sharer 14 wins
    Derrick Ellet 14 wins
    Steve Boylan 9 wins
    Mike Dockery 5 wins
    Mark Ross 5 wins
    John Strifler 4 wins
    Bill Riemenschneider 4 wins
    Perry Dunne 4 wins
    Henry Aldridge 3 wins
    Tony Williams 3 wins
    James Williams 2 wins
    Ian Williams 2 wins
    Ken Little 2 wins
    Brandon Hague 2 wins
    Randy Canter 2 wins

    1 time winners:

    Ted Jennermann, Scott Collins, Vince Brooks, Dan Schimpf, Jeff Feezle, Kevin James, Jeffe Collins, Jesse Duncan, Jason Kyger, Greg Hastings, Jeff Nugent

    Best scores 2009

    43Steve Boylan/Scott Sharer [ties course record]
    44Derrick Ellet/Steve Boylan, Derrick Ellet/Scott Sharer, Tony Williams/Bill Riemenschneider, Tony Williams/Wildman [best wildman score ever]
    45Brandon Hague/Scott Sharer
    46Brandon Hague/Bill Riemenschneider, Steve Boylan/Mike Dockery, Derrick Ellet/Henry Aldridge, Derrick Ellet/Vince Brooks, John Strifler/Wildman
    47Ian Williams/Derrick Ellet, Mark Ross/Matt St. Clair, Mike Dockery/Adam Kasper, Mark Ross/Scott Sharer, Tony Williams/James Williams, Tony Williams/Jeff Feezle, John Strifler/Randy Canter, Derrick Ellet/Rob Henderson, Scott Sharer/Randy Canter, Greg Hastings/Derrick Ellet
    48John Strifler/Steve Boylan, Mike Dockery/Henry Aldridge/ Steve Boylan/Perry Dunne, Mark Ripperger/Scott Sharer, Steve Boylan/Bill Riemenschneider, Scott Sharer/Bill Riemenschneider, Mark Ross/Mike Dockery, Mike Dockery/Randy Canter, Derrick Ellet/Jason Kyger, Steve Boylan/Ken Little, Scott Sharer/Steve Hartion, John Strifler/Bill Riemenschneider, Scott Sharer/Jesse Duncan, John Strifler/Henry Aldridge, John Strifler/Derick Hall, Mark Ross/Mike Dockery, Scott Sharer/Sam Carmen, Scott Sharer/Tony Williams, Derrick Ellet/John Strifler, Scott Sharer/Wildman
    49Scott Sharer/Mike Dockery, Steve Boylan/John Strifler, Jeffe Collins/Ken Little, Henry Aldridge/Mark Ross, Perry Dunne/Scott Sharer, Mark Ross/Scott Sharer, Scott Sharer/Derrick Ellet, Scott Sharer/John Strifler, Ben Hanlon/Wildman, Mark Ross/Ian Williams, Rob Henderson/Greg Hastings, Derick Hall/Scott Sharer, Ted Jennermann/Wildman, Brian Kinney/Zach Ross, Jeff Nugent/Brandon Hague, Derrick Ellet/Wildman, Tony Williams/Mark Ross, Derrick Ellet/Randy Canter, John Strifler/Rob Henderson, Scott Sharer/Wildman, Jeff Nugent/Derrick Ellet, Mark Ross/Derrick Ellet
    50Perry Dunne/Mark Ripperger, Mike Dockery/Scott Sharer x2, Perry Dunne/Scott Collins, Derrick Ellet/Wildman, Derrick Ellet/Mark Ross, Scott Sharer/Wildman, James Williams/Bill Riemenschneider, Mark Ross/Wildman, Tony Williams/Brian Neal, James Williams/Derrick Ellet, Justin Glore/Greg Hastings, Mark Ross/Dan Kunz, Mark Ross/Ben Meyaard, Derrick Ellet/Randy Canter x 2, Perry Dunne/Mark Ross, John Alfonso/Zach Ross, Scott Collins/Wildman, Scott Sharer/Jeff Nugent, Derrick Ellet/Greg Hastings, Cameron Hastings/Randy Canter, Scott Sharer/Derrick Ellet, Derrick Ellet/Matt St. Clair, Jeff Nugent/Perry Dunne

    Most Times Wildman
    Four times the Wildman
    Scott Sharer 10.25% of plays
    Thrice the Wildman
    John Strifler 15% of plays
    Twice the Wildman
    Derrick Ellet 4.76% of plays
    Perry Dunne 12.5% of plays
    Zach Ross 15.38% of plays
    Once the Wildman
    Mark Ross, Scott Collins, Ben Meyaard, Ben Hanlon, Josh Weber, Gus Simmons, Ted Jennermann, Andrew Schaefer, Tony Williams, Brandon Hague, Jerry Dunne
    Wins as Wildman
    Tony Williams [44], John Strifler [46], Scott Sharer [49], Ted Jennermann [49], Scott Collins [50], Perry Dunne [53]

    Best Attendance since 1-1-09

    Derrick Ellet 42 plays with 33.33% wins
    Scott Sharer 39 plays with 35.89% wins
    Mark Ross 26 plays with 19.23% wins
    John Strifler 20 plays with 20% wins
    Mike Dockery 18 plays with 27.7% wins
    Perry Dunne 16 plays with 25% wins
    Randy Canter 14 plays with 14.2% wins
    Ben Meyaard 14 plays with 0% wins
    Zach Ross 13 plays with 0% wins
    Jeff Nugent 12 plays with 8.3% wins
    Brandon Hague 11 plays with 20% wins
    Steve Boylan 10 plays with 90% wins
    Bill Riemenschneider 10 plays with 40% wins
    James Williams 10 plays with 20% wins
    Rob Henderson 8 plays with 0% wins
    Tony Williams 7 plays with 42.85% wins
    Matt Thomas 7 plays with 0% wins
    Henry Aldridge 7 plays with 42.85% wins
    Johnna Ross 7 plays with 0% wins
    Alex Plummer 6 plays with 0% wins
    Ian Williams 6 plays with 33% wins
    Steve Hartion 5 plays with 0% wins
    Greg Hastings 5 plays with 20% wins
    Scott Collins 4 plays with 25% wins
    Mark Ripperger 4 plays with 0% wins
    Cameron Hastings 3 plays with 0% wins
    Justin Glore 3 plays with 0% wins
    Jon Minier 3 plays with 0% wins
    Derick Hall 3 plays with 0% wins
    Derek Passehl 2 plays with 0% wins
    Matt St. Clair 2 plays with 0% wins
    Vince Brooks 2 plays with 50% wins
    Dan Kunz 2 plays with 0% wins
    Ken Little 2 plays with 100% wins
    Jeffe Collins 2 plays with 50% wins
    Wes Johnson 2 plays with 0% wins
    Jason Rance 2 plays with 0% wins
    Brian Kinney 2 plays with 0% wins
    Dan Schimpf 2 plays with 50% wins
    Ted Jennermann 2 plays with 50% wins

    One Time Players
    Ben Hanlon, Anthony Rehmet, Brian McCarthy, Andrew Schaefer, Adam Kasper, Lynn Powell, Gus Simmons, Brian Neal, Dean Brown, John Alfonso, Doug Meuller, Chad White, Kevin James, Josh Weber, Jeff Templin, Shane Boomershine, John Essex, Sam Carmen, Alex Sprague, Jerry Dunne

    They came, they Won, They never came back..
    Jeff Feezle, Kevin James, Jason Kyger, Jesse Duncan


    February 15, 2009. A chilly winter day. Steve Boylan and his partner Scott Sharer expected to break the course record for doubles, even with the frigid conditions. Instead they were surprised to find Steve’s line drive, down the middle of the fairway, kissed off a guardian tree ever-so-slightly to slam in the chains on [old] #13. It won them a cool $151.

    May 17, 2009. A slightly windy day at the Avon Town Hall Course. Steve Boylan and his just-formed teammate Bill Riemenschneider enjoy watching Steve’s huge spike hyzer slam directly in the basket on [old] #4 and stick. It was Steve’s first shot of the day. Some little kids happened to be watching. Bill and Steve won $91.

    June 21, 2009. Brandon Hague likely hit [old] #17 with a laser-like shot. The disc he used was a red DX Classic Roc. He and his partner, Bill Riemenschneider won $44.

    December 6, 2009. It was a cold but pleasant day when Scott Sharer threw his ace on #13. He pured the probably-less-than three foot gap right in front of the teepad and proceeded to head for the pin high and left. A helpful tree directed his disc straight into the basket with little chains needed. As the Wildman he collected $235 all to himself.

    Thank you to all who attended HCDGC Sunday Doubles at Avon in 2009.

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    Doubles Stats 2009 Empty Nice job

    Post  Vince_Brooks on Tue Jan 26, 2010 8:46 pm

    Nice job on posting all the stats, Derrick.
    I enjoyed reading the breakdown.

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