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    2010 Avon Handicap League Results



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    2010 Avon Handicap League Results

    Post  perry on Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:03 pm


    5 players

    2 new players-welcome Chaz and Rachel-(Ricki)

    1.Perry Dunne-54-18= 36-($6)
    2.Randy Canter-59-22= 37
    3.John Strifler-53-14= 39-($3 best scratch)
    4.Chaz -58
    5.Ricki -69

    Ace Fund is at $91.

    Chaz and Randy won CTP's-pair of tix to ORP-(thanks Scott)
    Perry won a CTP for a "Vibram" putter-(thanks John)


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    4-29 avon singles

    Post  perrydunne on Fri Apr 30, 2010 9:21 am


    4 players

    1.Randy Canter-58-19=39-($9-$6 first,$3 best scratch)
    2.Perry Dunne-60-17=43-($3 second)
    3.Chas VanBuskirk-67-23=44
    4.Brandon Hague-68-22=46

    20-25 mph south winds

    Ace Fund at $95


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    Avon Singles 5-6-10

    Post  perrydunne on Thu May 06, 2010 11:08 pm


    4 players

    1.Brandon Hague-54-21=33-($9=$6 1st place,$3 best round)
    2.Chas VanBuskirk-59-23=36-($3 second)
    3.Perry Dunne-56-17=39
    4.Ricki Rubin-69-29=40

    75 degrees,sunny,mild

    Ace Fund at $99

    CTP #14-P. Dunne won a club mini


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    5-13 singles

    Post  perrydunne on Sun May 16, 2010 4:52 am

    1.Alex Angel-56
    2.John Randy-65
    3.Perry Dunne-61-17=44

    Welcome new players Alex and Randy!

    overcast 68 degrees- slight breeze 5-10 mph from s-sw

    Ace Fund is at $102

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    5-20-10 avon singles

    Post  perrydunne on Mon May 24, 2010 7:00 pm

    1.Randy Canter-56=19=37-($9-$6 first,$3 best round)
    2.John Randy-64-25=39
    3.Perry Dunne-58-18=40
    4.Rob Johnson-56-(establishing handicap-welcome Rob)

    Ace Fund is at $106

    intermittent drizzle,light winds from the s-sw


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    5-27-10 avon handicap singles

    Post  perrydunne on Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:22 am

    1.Chaz VanBuskirk-56-21=35($11-$8 first,$3 best round,won on first playoff hole)
    2.Brandon Hague-56-21=35 ($4 second)
    3.Ricki Rubin-71-29=42
    4.Perry Dunne-60-18=42
    5.Jeff Nugent-64-21=43
    6.Steve Atherton-65
    7.David Strith-70

    Welcome New Players Steve and David.

    Ace Fund is at $113.

    75 degrees overcast,light winds,downpour the final 4 holes


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    6-3-10 handicap singles avon

    Post  perrydunne on Thu Jun 03, 2010 10:54 pm

    1.Dave Strite-63-27=36-($8 first)
    2.Perry Dunne-55-18=37-($7,$4 second,$3 best)
    3.Randy Canter-56-18=38-($3 third won first playoff hole)
    4.Jeff Nugent-61-23=38
    5.Steve Atherton-62-24=38
    6.Brandon Hague-58-19=39
    7.Ted Jennermann-53

    Welcome new singles player Ted!

    Ace Fund is at $120.

    80 degrees,no wind,overcast & humid


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    avon singles 6-10-10

    Post  perrydunne on Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:19 pm

    1.Chaz VanBuskirk-58-20=38-($10 first)
    2.Perry Dunne -57-18=39-($8,$5 second,$3 best)
    3.Jeff Nugent -63-23=40-($3 third)
    4.David Strite -68-27=41
    5.Randy Canter -59-17=42
    6.Brandon Hague -61-19=42
    7.Steve Atherton -67-24=43
    8.Scott Sharer -52
    9.Eric Davenport -58
    10.Alex Sprague -60

    Welcome new golfers Scott,Eric, and Alex!

    ACE Fund is at $130.


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    6-24-10 avon singles

    Post  perrydunne on Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:32 pm

    1.Zach Ross-58-19=39-($8 first-won on third playoff hole)
    2.Ted Jennermann--52-13=39-($7 second & best round)
    3.Perry Dunne-57-17=40-(won KC ROC on ctp #18)
    4.Scott Sharer-56-14=42
    5.Rob Henderson-61-19=42
    6.Cameron Weigard-54
    7.Bill Riemenschneider-54
    8.Shane Boomershine-65

    Welcome new players Cameron,Bill,& Shane.

    ACE Fund is at $147
    sunny,80 degrees,nw wind 5-10mph


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    avon singles 7-1-10

    Post  perrydunne on Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:17 pm

    1.Zach Ross- 58-19=39-($8-first-won on fourth playoff hole)
    2.Shane Boomershine-64-25=39-($4-second)
    3.Cameron Weigard-52-13=39-($6-third & best scratch)
    4.Mark Ross-60-20=40
    5.Jeff Nugent-64-22=42
    6.Perry Dunne-62-17=45
    7.Ian Williams-64

    Welcome new player Ian!

    Ace fund stands at $154.

    Sunny,78 degrees,nw wind 5mph


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    avon singles 7-8-10

    Post  perrydunne on Sun Jul 11, 2010 6:10 am

    1.Mark Ross-50-20=30-($8 first)
    2.Jeff Nugent-56-22=34-($4 second)
    3.Cameron Weigand-50-13=37-($6-$3 third,$3-best scratch-won on first playoff hole)
    4.Scott Sharer-52-14=38
    5.Perry Dunne-57-18=39
    6.Ted Jennermann-54-13=41

    ACE fund is at $160.

    78 degrees,very humid,overcast,slight sw wind


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    avon singles 7-15-10

    Post  perrydunne on Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:06 pm

    1.Mark Ross-51-17=34-($9-$6 first,$3 best scratch)
    2.Perry Dunne-57-18=39-($3 second)
    3.Scott Sharer-55-13=42
    4.Randy Canter-60-18=42

    ACE fund is at $164

    80 degrees,humidity 99%,intermittent drizzle,slight west wind


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    7-22-10 avon handicap singles

    Post  perrydunne on Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:09 pm

    1.Perry Dunne-57-18=39-($8 first)
    2.Ted Jennermann-53-13=40($7 $4 second,$3 best scratch)
    3.Zach Ross-59-18=41-($3 third)
    4.Mark Ross-57-15=42
    5.Bill Riemenschneider-58-16=42
    6.Scott Sharer-60-14=46

    ACE fund is at $170

    85 degrees,90% humidity,partly sunny,sw winds 5-15 mph


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    avon singles 7-25-10

    Post  perrydunne on Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:03 am

    1.Mark Ross-50-16=34-($11 $8 first,$3 best scratch)
    2.Scott Sharer-53-16=37-($4 won second in playoff)
    3.Perry Dunne-55-18=37-($3 third)
    Ted Jennermann-51-13=38
    Zach Ross-57-19=38
    Randy Canter-57-18=39

    ACE fund is at $176.

    78 degrees,north wind,5-10mph


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    Avon Singles 8-5-10

    Post  perrydunne on Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:08 pm

    1.Randy Canter-55-19=36-($16-$11 first,$5 best scratch beat Mark Ross on 4th playoff hole)
    2.Zach Ross-57-18=39-($5 second)
    3.Mark Ross-55-15=40-($3 third)
    4.Scott Sharer-56-15=41
    5.Perry Dunne-58-17=41
    6.Jeff Nugent-62-21=41
    7.Cameron Weigard-56-12=44
    8.Ted Jennermann-59-13=46
    9.Ike Homburg-52

    Welcome new player Ike!

    ACE fund is at $185.

    Mostly sunny,slight breeze,80 degrees


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    8-12-10 avon singles

    Post  perrydunne on Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:56 pm

    1.Randy Canter-52-17=35-($15-$10 first won playoff,$5-best scratch)
    2.Jeff Nugent-56-21=35-($5 second)
    3.Mark Ripperger-50-14=36( $3 third won playoff)
    4.Mark Ross-51-15=36
    5.Bill Riemenschneider-53-16=37
    6.Zach Ross-59-18=41
    7.Ike Homburg-57-15=42
    8.Perry Dunne-61-17=44
    9.Derrick Ellett-53

    Welcome Derrick

    Ace fund is at $194.


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    8-19-10 Avon singles

    Post  perrydunne on Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:05 am

    1.Randy Canter-52-17=35-($10 first,$3 best scratch)
    2.Perry Dunne-56-18=38-($5 second won fourth playoff hole)
    3.Jeff Nugent-58-20=38-($3 third)
    4.Ike Homburg-53-15=38
    5.Ted Jennermann-55-14=41
    6.Zach Ross-59-18=41
    7.Mark Ross-56-14=42
    8.Steve Bettis Jr.-55
    9.Steve Bettis Sr.-57
    10.Jon Handy-60
    11.Skyler Henry-67

    Welcome new players Steve Jr & Sr,Jon, and Skyler

    ACE fund is at $205

    88 degrees,humid,sunny,slight west wind


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    avon singles 8-26

    Post  perrydunne on Fri Aug 27, 2010 1:09 am

    1.Ted Jennermann-49-14=35-($18,$13 first,$5 best scratch)
    2.Perry Dunne-56-18=38-($5 second)
    3.Jeff Nugent-58-19=39-($4 third)
    4.Randy Canter-55-15=40
    5.Jon Handy-61-21=40
    6.Mark Ross-55-14=41
    7.Steve Bettis Jr-59-17=42-($215-ACE on his last hole-#18)
    8.Steve Bettis Sr.-62-20=42
    9.Skyler Henry-75-31=44
    10.Brandon "Travis" Gill-74

    Welcome new player Brandon!

    ***ACE fund was hit for $215***Steve Bettis Jr #18

    Sunny,75 degrees,little humidity,5 mph nw wind


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    Avon singles 9-2-10

    Post  perrydunne on Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:03 pm

    1.Perry Dunne-53-17=36-($10 first)
    2.John Strifler-50-12=38-($8-$3 best scratch,$5 won second on first playoff hole)
    3.Brandon Gill-70-32=38-($3-won third on first playoff hole)
    4.Jon Handy-59-21=38
    5.Mark Ross-55-15=40
    6.Steve Bettis Sr-62-20=42
    7.Steve Bettis Jr.62-17=45
    8.Damien Bettis-64

    Welcome new player Damien!

    Ace Fund is at $8.

    Sunny 78 degrees 5-15 mph winds southernly


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    Avon Singles 9-9

    Post  perrydunne on Thu Sep 09, 2010 8:49 pm

    1.Mark Ross-49-15=34-($11,$8 first,$3 best)
    2.Steve Bettis Jr.-59-18=40-($4-won second on first playoff hole)
    3.Damien Bettis-64-24=40-($3 third)
    4.Jon Handy-61-20=41
    5.Steve Bettis Sr-61-20=41
    6.Perry Dunne 59-17=42

    Ace fund is at $14

    75 degrees,sunny,5 mph northerly wind


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    Avon Singles 9-16

    Post  perrydunne on Thu Sep 16, 2010 10:17 pm

    1.Steve Bettis Sr-58-21=37-($8-first)
    2.Zach Ross-56-18=38-($7-$3 best scratch,$4 won second on second playoff hole)
    3.Damien Bettis-62-24=38-($3 third)
    4.Perry Dunne-57-17=40
    4.Jon Handy-60-20=40
    6.Steve Bettis Jr.-66-19=47

    ACE fund is at $20


    72 degrees,10-20 northwest wind


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    Avon Single Finale 9-30-10

    Post  perrydunne on Thu Sep 30, 2010 11:41 pm

    1.Damien Bettis-60-23=37-(1st-$57 won on third playoff hole)
    2.Jerimee White-67-30=37-(2nd-$51-$41 second,$10 CTP on #14)
    3.Ted Jennermann-52-14=38-(3rd-$30-$25 third,$5 best scratch)
    4.Jon Handy-58-20=38-(4th-$4)
    5.Steve Bettis Jr.-60-21=39-($3)
    6.Scott Sharer-56-15=41-($10 CTP on #6)
    6.Zach Ross-59-18=41
    6.Steve Bettis Sr-61-20=41-($10 CTP on # 2)
    9.Dave Strite-68-25=43
    9.Mark Ross-57-14-43
    11.Perry Dunne-61-17=44
    12.Randy Canter-65-17=46-($10 CTP on #18)
    13.Jeff Nugent-65-19=46
    14.John Strifler-60-13=47
    15.Dave Strite-76-27=49

    ACE fund finished at $48.

    75,sunny,15-25 mph steady northwest wind

    Thanks for a sucessful season-31 different players joined in the league in 2010. See you next season.....

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