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    2009 Avon Singles Results


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    2009 Avon Singles Results Empty 2009 Avon Singles Results

    Post  DE on Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:23 pm



    1.perry dunne-53-20=33-($9 1st place/best)
    2.mark ross-56-20=36
    3.brandon hague-67-29=38
    4.zach ross-68- establishing handicap

    ace fund at $105


    7 players, 4 establishing handicap

    1.vince brooks-54-16=38($9-$6 1ST place-$3 won best score playoff)
    2.brian young-54-15=39
    3.perry dunne-60-18=42
    welcome 4 new players establishing handicaps
    4.jason rance-60
    5.randy canter-61
    6.ian williams-70
    7.mitch hammersley-82

    ACE fund now stands at $112


    6 players

    1.brandon hague-57-29=28-1st place
    2.perry dunne-56-18=38-(2nd place/best scratch $7)
    3.randy canter-58-20=38
    4.jason rance-64-22=42
    5.vince brooks-59-16=43
    6.ken rance-71-(welcome to the singles league)

    ACE FUND now stands at $118


    1.vince brooks-52-17=35-($8 first place-$3 best score)
    2.ken nance-66-29=37-($4 second place)
    3.mitch hammersley-82-42=40-($3 third place-won on ctp #4)
    4.john strifler-59-19=40
    5.perry dunne-59-18=41
    6.randy canter-68-20=48

    vince and mitch won official hcdgc mini's on ctp holes.

    ACE fund is now at $124

    [Editor's Note: Vince Brooks scored an ace on hole #2, now #16, in this round or the round following]


    1.john strifler-52-18=34-($8 won playoff on first hole)
    2.vince brooks-49-15=34-($3 lowest round-$4 second)
    3.brandon hague-62-24=38-( $3 third)
    4.mark ross 55-16=39
    5.perry dunne 58-18=40
    6.scott sharer 59-17=42

    last week cancelled due to reroute of course

    ace fund now at $16


    1.john strifler-50-16=34-($5 best round-$11 first-won on first playoff hole)
    2.perry dunne-52-18=34-($5 second)
    3.mark ross-52-16=36-($3 third)
    4.steve boylan-53-15=38
    5.vince brooks-53-14-39
    6.brandon hague-63-23=40
    7.scott sharer-60-18=42
    8.randy caster-67-22=45

    ACE fund now at $24


    10 players

    1.randy caster-55-24=31-($11)
    2.steve boylan-49-14=35-($5 best round/$8 second- won 3 way playoff on first hole)
    3.ian williams-64-29=35-($5- beat brandon hague on ctp after 3 playoff holes)

    ACE fund is at $34


    w/e 7-23 was rained out

    1.brandon hague-58-23=35-($6 1st)
    2.mark ross-58-14=44-($3 won best scratch round on first playoff hole)
    3.perry dunne-61-18=43

    ACE fund is at $37


    1.perry dunne 58-18=40- ($6)
    2.mark ross 58-14=44-($3 won best round on first playoff hole)
    3.ian williams-68-27=41

    $40 ACE fund


    5 players,Hendricks County Disc Golf welcomes new players John Alfonso and Brian Kinney

    1.Perry Dunne-59-18=41-($6 won first playoff hole)
    2.Mark Ross-57-16=41-($3 best scratch)
    3.Ken Rance-(did not finish)
    4.John Alfonso-52
    5.Brian Kinney-58

    Ace Fund $45


    5 players-HCDGC welcomes new player Dave Farnsworth

    1.Ken Rance 63-27=36-($6 first)
    2.Perry Dunne 58-18=40-($3 second)
    3.Mark Ross 57-16=40
    4.Steve Boylan 56-13=43-($3 scratch)
    5.Dave Farnsworth 77

    ACE fund is at $50


    1.john alfonso-57-15=42-($6 1st place-won playoff- and best score)
    2.perry dunne 60-18=42
    3.jeff nugent 61- 1st round in singles!

    ACE fund at $53


    9 players-hendricks county golf welcomes 2 new players Vince Carter and Brian Stultz.

    1.Ken Rance 58-26=32-($10)
    2.Ian Williams 63-28=35-($5)
    3.Jason Rance 58-21=37-($3)
    4.Perry Dunne 56-16=38=($3 lowest scratch)
    5.Dave Farnsworth 75-36=39
    6.Jeff Nugent 63-22=41
    7.Mark Ross 66-16=50
    8.Vince Carter 63
    9.Brian Stultz 65

    ACE fund now at $61


    1.jason rance 56-21=35-($
    2.mark ross 53-17=36-($7-$4 second-won on first playoff hole w/ a birdie/$3 best round)
    3.dave farnsworth 72-36=36-($3)
    4.perry dunne 58-18=40
    5.vince carter 65-24=41
    6.jeff nugent 64-22=42

    ACE fund at $67


    1.ken rance 60-25=35-($10)
    2.brian stultz 59-22=37-($5-won second on first playoff hole)
    3.perry dunne 55-18=37-($3-won 3rd on fourth playoff hole)
    4.dave farnsworth 72-35=37
    5.john alfonso 55-($3 best round won on first playoff hole)
    6.jeff nugent 63-23=40
    7.jason rance 62-20=42

    ACE fund is at $74




    1.ian williams-62-27=35-($6)
    2.jeff nugent-59-23=36-($3)
    3.mark ross-54-17=37($3-best scratch)
    4.zach ross-70-29= 41

    ACE FUND is $78




    jeff nugent 56-22=34-($6 1st)
    perry dunne 54-18=36-($3 best rnd)
    ken rance 65-24=41

    ACE FUND $81



    1.randy canter-54-22=32-($14)

    2.brandon hague-56-23=($12)

    3.scott sharer-52-34=($10)

    4.john alfonso-50-15=35

    5.mark ross-53-17=36

    6.jason rance-59-20=39

    7.ken rance-64-24=40

    8.zach ross-71-29=42

    NO ACE HIT-($81 rolls to 2010)

    Most improved awards to ken rance and brandon hague.


    hole 2-brandon hague-(shirt)

    hole4-jason rance-(putter)

    hole 18-randy canter-(RIPT)

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