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    HCDGC’s “What’s in the bag?”
    This is an article on current disc golfers playing in Avon, Indiana. These are individuals you may have met playing the Hendricks County Disc Golf Club’s Sunday Random Draw Doubles, Thursday Handicap Singles, or Club Bag Tag Challenges. They are experienced players we could all learn a thing or two from.
    The first installment will feature HCDGC’s own club president, John Strifler. John epitomizes a good “group partner.” He is a blast to play a round with and you may find yourself beaten by his awesome turbo putt. Here are his comments on tournaments, discs, and goals n the sport.
    • How long have you been playing?
    Threw at church camp about five years ago but picked up a bag and a couple discs in 2007 and hit the Avon course since it was close to my house. Ran into a guy named Derrick, and the rest is history...
    • When did you start competing in tournaments?
    Fall of 2007
    • Any memorable tournament victories?
    The first is always memorable-especially as it was stinking cold, Boondocks Ice Bowl, 2008, won a disc with a thermometer stuck on it.
    • Describe your throwing style…
    Technique over strength, mind over matter.
    Right handed, primarily back hand, with relatively effective side arm available
    • What’s your bag look like?
    Got a new blue fade tour bag in March, and use Innova straps. All Innova discs at this time – have a couple Discraft, but just don’t have the comfort with them.
    • What’s in the bag?
    I carry a couple putters, five drivers and five mid-range, and bottle of water, some crackers, maybe a bag of skittles.
    • Pro Wraith, 169 grams or less, 90% of time
    • Worn in or fresh model depending on right fairway openness
    • Sidewinder
    Turns left?
    • Wraith, unless sharp left, then Pro/Star Destroyer
    Turns right?
    • DX Beast or 150 gram Star Valkyrie
    • Roller isn't trusted shot in my arsenal, yet . . .
    • Will use Star Destroyer for tomahawk
    Fairways-What distance?
    • Champion eagle for 230
    • KC Pro Roc for 150 - 220
    • KC Pro Roc
    Mids-Right and straight?
    • Wolf
    • KC Pro Roc
    • Get best glide with the KC Pro Roc

    • If I need a good skip, I'll lighten up my throwing of a star destroyer for a left skip
    Putts-every time from 20' and in?
    • Nothing but my Omega Super Soft
    Long putts?
    • Stiffer Omega
    In heavy wind?
    • Have pulled eagle out with a hard steady head wind
    What was your first putter?
    • Orange Omega SS [it will probably be retired after this summer]
    What do you enjoy most about the game?
    …being outside and enjoying some friendly competition that won't destroy my knees…meeting fellow players across the country as I travel
    What are your goals in the sport?
    …growth of play in Hendricks county with additional courses…Brownsburg in 2009…Danville or Plainfield in 2010 and other in 2011
    …consistent sub par rounds in tournament play
    Competitively speaking:
    …defend “Best of City” title in AM Masters division in Indianapolis later this year…top three finish in Indiana Summer Series for AM Masters…shift up to Grand Masters (yes, I will be 50) in 2010
    …top five finish in Bowling Green AMs in coming years

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