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    Avon 2013 Thursday Night Singles Handicap League Results

    perry dunne

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    Avon 2013 Thursday Night Singles Handicap League Results

    Post  perry dunne on Fri Apr 26, 2013 10:33 am

    1.Kevin Johns-59-23=36 1st-$15
    2.Perry Dunne-57-20=37 2nd-$10
    3.Zach Ross-53-14=39 3rd-$5, Best round $5
    4.Zac Debow-57-17=40 4th $4 won on first playoff hole
    5.Jeremy Zollars-54-14=40
    5.Jason Zaring-60-20=40
    7.Jeff Nugent-55-14=41
    7.Doug Mueller-60-19=41
    9.Rich Pitcock-63-21=42
    10.John Lowery-56-13=43
    11.Ryan Hendershott-59-15=44
    12.Mike Bertsch-63-17=46
    13.Matt Johns-60-10=50
    14.Jared Tribbett-54
    15.Larry Lerma-60
    16.Josh Shows-68

    Welcome new players Jared, Larry, and Josh!!

    Sunny, 55 degrees, 5-10 mph west, sw, wind

    Ace fund is at $282. Players voted on a $150 cap with remainder rolling to following week.

    perry dunne

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    Thursday Singles 5-2-13

    Post  perry dunne on Sun May 05, 2013 4:03 pm

    1.Zach Ross-46-14=32 $25 $20-1st, $5-best
    2.Jeremy Zollars-50-14=36 $11-2nd
    3.Perry Dunne-57-20=37 $6-3rd-(2nd playoff hole)
    4.Kevin Johns-60-23=37 $5-4th
    5.Rich Pitcock-61-21=40 $4-5th-(won in sudden death playoff throw)
    6.Mitch Pitcock-55-15=40 $3-6th
    7.Josh Shows-69-19=40
    8.Jason Zaring-61-20=41
    8.Randy Depriest-61-20=41
    8.Larry Lerma-62-21=41
    8.Peyton Depriest-67-26=41
    12.Steve Boylan-49-7=42
    12.Jason Tribett-58-16=42- CTP Winner
    12.John Strifler-54-12=42
    15.Matt Johns-53-10=43
    15.Mike Bertsch-60-17=43
    17.John Lowery-57-13=44
    17.Don Miller-70-26=44
    19.Mark Muncy-59
    19.Aaron Steiner-68
    19.Matt Ordway-69
    19.Lawson Bonar-70
    19.Jarvis Jones-73
    19.David Woldemichael-76

    Welcome new players-Mark, Aaron, Matt, Lawson, Jarvis, and David!!!!!

    Ace fund at $306!!!

    Jason Tribett won CTP disc on Hole 15-(2 weeks in a row!).

    78 degrees, sunny, 5-10 mph s-sw wind
    perry dunne

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    Thursday Handicap Singles 5-9-13

    Post  perry dunne on Fri May 10, 2013 1:51 pm

    1.Kevin Johns-58-20=38 1st $13 (won in sudden death)
    2.Mitch Pitcock-53-15=38 $10 $5 2nd, $5 best
    3.Rich Pitcock-61-22=39 $5 3rd (won on second playoff hole)
    4.Perry Dunne-56-17=39
    5.Matt Johns-57-17=40
    5.Mark Muncy-60-20=40
    5.Lawson Bonar-70-30=40
    8.Ryan Hendershott-62-21=41
    9.David Woldermichael-85-41=44

    Ace fund is at $315.

    Rainy, 63 degrees, 10 mph south wind
    perry dunne

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    Thursday Singles 5-16

    Post  perry dunne on Fri May 17, 2013 9:59 am

    1.Lawson Bonar-59-30=29 $30 1st
    2.Don Miller-61-28=33 $15 2nd
    3.Mike Bertsch-56-22=34 $10 3rd-(playoff)
    4.Josh Shows-63-29=34 $7 4th
    5.Mark Ross-48-13=35 $6 5th (playoff)
    6.Brad Charles-47-12=35 $10 6th, best round
    7.Mitch Pitcock-49-14=35 $3 7th
    8.David Woldemichael-76-41=35 8th
    9.Jared Tribett-52-14=38
    9.Ryan Hendershott-57-21=36
    11.Jeremy Zollars-49-12=37
    11.Peyton Depriest-64-27=37
    13.Doug Mueller-58-20=38
    14.Matt Johns-56-17=39
    14.Matt Ordway-68-29-39
    14.Randy Depriest-60-21=39
    14.Randy Fisher-60-21=39
    14.Rich Pitcock-61-22=39
    19.Perry Dunne-57-17=40
    19.Zac Debow-57-17=40
    21.Jeff Nugent-56-15=41
    21.Kevin Johns-60-19=41
    21.Larry Lerma-62-21=41
    21.Mark Muncy-61-20=41
    25.John Lowery-61-17=44
    26.Jason Zaring-70-21=49
    27.Cameron Wegand-51
    28.James Persinger56
    29.Tom Brown-59
    30.Mike Brown-60
    31.Kevin Verstraeten-65
    32.Tony Muncy-86
    33.Wes Hanna-104

    Ace fund is at $348.

    Welcome new players Cameron, James, Tom, Mike, Kevin, Tony, and Wes!!!!!

    CTP's- #10- Matt Johns- Gets put in drawing for 2 Indy 500 North vista seats-(you have 3 more chances during league play on Sat, Sun, or Tues.-Thanks John Strifler!!).
    #18- Brad Charles- Disc

    Jason Zaring won a free lottery ticket for coming to play!

    Sunny, humid, 83 degrees, slight southern wind
    perry dunne

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    Thursday Handicap Singles 5-23-13

    Post  perry dunne on Fri May 24, 2013 10:42 am

    1.Matt Johns-51-17=34 1st $23
    2.Jason Zaring-59-24=35 2nd $13
    3.Mike Bertsch-56-20=36 3rd $7
    4.Zac Debow-54-17=37 4th $6
    5.Rich Pitcock-61-22=39 5th $5
    6.Brad Charles-50-10=40 6th/Best round $9
    7.Tom Brown-61-20=41 7th $3 (won on first playoff hole)
    8.Don Miller-67-26=41
    9.Jeff Nugent-58-16=42
    9.Perry Dunne-59-17=42
    11.Jeremy Zollars-54-11=43
    11.Lawson Bonar-69-26=43
    11.Mark Ross-56-13=43
    14.James Persinger-64-20=44
    15.John Lowery-63-18=45
    15.Larry Lerma-66-21=45
    15.Mark Muncy-65-20=45
    15.Mike Brown-70-25-45
    19.Josh Shows-73-27=46
    19.Mitch Pitcock-58-12=46
    21.Doug Mueller-66-19=47
    22.Kevin Johns-67-19=48 LOTTO WINNER!!!!!
    23.Randy Fisher-70-21=49
    24.Johnny Lowery-71
    25.Jeremy "Rummy" White-76

    Welcome new players Johnny and Jeremy!!!!!

    Ace Fund is at $373!

    CTP #18-Zac Debow- Vibram choice disc

    54 degrees overcast 10-20 mph north wind
    perry dunne

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    Thursday Handicap Singles 5-30-13

    Post  perry dunne on Fri May 31, 2013 9:31 am

    1.Mark Ross-47-12=35 $25 1st-(first playoff hole), best $5-(first playoff hole)
    2.John Lowery-54-19=35 $12 2nd
    3.Josh Shows-64-28=36 $7 3rd
    4.Brad Charles-47-10=37 $5 4th (first playoff hole)
    5.Tom Brown-57-20=37 $4 5th (second playoff hole)
    6.Ryan Hendershott-57-20=37 6th $3
    7.Doug Mueller-59-21=38
    7.James Persinger-58-20=38
    7.Lawson Bonar-65-27=38
    7.Mike Bertsch-57-19=38
    11.Larry Lerma-62-23=39
    12.Kevin Johns-61-21=40
    13.Don Miller-67-26=41
    13.Jeff Nugent-57-16=41
    15.Mike Brown-67-25=42
    15.Randy Depriest-63-21=42
    17.Matt Johns-57-14=43
    18.Peyton Depriest-70-26=44
    19.Perry Dunne-67-17=50

    Ace Fund is at $392

    Hole #10 CTP-(Stalker)-Randy Depriest

    85 degrees, partly cloudy, light sprinkle, 5-20 mph south wind
    perry dunne

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    Thursday Night Avon Handicap 6-6-13

    Post  perry dunne on Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:44 pm

    1.Josh Shows-58-27=31 1st $23
    2.James Persinger-55-16=36 2nd $10
    3.Zac Debow-53-16=37 3rd $7 (won on second playoff hole)
    4.John Lowery-55-18=37 $6
    5.Jason Zaring-59-22=37 $5
    6.Jarvis Jones-67-30=37 $4
    7.Brad Charles-46-8=38 $8 $5 best round $3 seventh (won on third playoff hole)
    8.Doug Mueller-58-20=38
    8.Lawson Bonar-63-25=38
    8.Mike Bertsch-55-17=38
    8.Ryan Hendershott-57-19=38
    8.Tom Brown-57-19=38
    13.Jared Tribett-53-14=39
    13.Jeremy Zollars-50-11=39
    13.Kevin Johns-60-21=39
    13.Larry Lerma-62-23=39
    13.Matt Johns-54-15=39
    13.Perry Dunne-58-19=39
    19.Jeff Nugent-57-16=41
    20.Mark Ross-53-10=43
    21.Rich Pitcock-67-21=46
    22.Bradley Lerma-60
    23.Chris Henry-75

    Welcome new players Bradley & Chris!!!

    CTP-#14-Jeff Nugent-Purple Blizzard Dominator

    Ace Fund is at $412!!!!(When/if Ace Fund hits over $450, all money over that amount will go to a weekly CTP hole, as voted on by the HCDGC highest council members.)

    Mostly Sunny!! 76 degrees Northerly slight breeze

    perry dunne

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    Thursday Handicap Singles 6-13-13

    Post  perry dunne on Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:48 pm

    1.Jarvis Jones-65-30=35 1st $22
    2.David Woldemichael-75-39=36  2nd $12
    3.Jeremy White-70-33=37 3rd  $9 (won on first playoff hole)
    4.Kevin Johns-59-22=37  4th  $8
    5.Doug Mueller-58-20=38 5th $7
    6.Zach Ross-49-10=39  6th  $5  (won on first playoff hole)
    7.Jeff Nugent-56-17=39  7th  $4
    8.Larry Lerma-63-23=40 
    9.Brad Charles-49-8=41 $5  best round  (won on sudden death 4th hole)
    9.James Persinger-59-18=41
    9.Jeremy Zollars-52-11=41
    9.Josh Shows-66-25=41
    9.Lawson Bonar-65-24=41
    9.Matt Johns-56-15=41
    9.Matt Ordway-70-29=41
    9.Don Miller-67-26=41
    17.John Lowery-60-18=42
    17.Mark Muncy-63-21=42
    17.Perry Dunne-62-20=42
    20.Mike Bertsch-60-16=44
    21.Zac Debow-60-15=45
    22.Mike Brown-72-26=46
    23.Tom Brown-66-19=47
    24.Ryan Hendershott-68-18=50
    25.Jesse Vondersaar-81

    Welcome new player Jesse!!!

    Ace Fund at $437

    CTP- Hole 6-Obex-Jeremy Zollars

    73 degrees, low humidity, North-northwest wind 5-20 mph
    perry dunne

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    Avon Handicap Thursday Singles 6-20-13

    Post  perry dunne on Fri Jun 21, 2013 1:58 pm

    1.Mike Brown-59-27=32 1st $22
    2.Ryan Hendershott-53-20=33 2nd $12 (won on first playoff hole)
    3.Rich Pitcock-56-23=33 3rd $8
    4.Jessie White-66-33=33  4th $7
    5.Mark Muncy-56-22=34 5th $6
    6.Steve Boylan-47-12=35 6th $10-$5-6th place $5 best score, (won in sudden death)
    7.John Strifler-50-15=35 7th $4
    8.Perry Dunne-57-22=35 8th $3 (won in sudden death)
    9.Jeff Nugent-52-17=35
    10.Kevin Johns-57-22=35
    10.Kevin Verstraeten-56-21=35
    10.Larry Lerma-58-23=35
    13.Don Miller-62-26=36
    13.Matt Johns-51-15=36
    15.John Lowery-55-18=37
    15.Lawson Bonar-63-26=37
    15.Tom Brown-57-20=37
    15.Jesse Vondersaar-76-39=37
    19.Doug Mueller-59-20=39
    20.Zac Debow-56-16=40
    20.Chris Henry-74-34=40
    22.Randy Depriest-62-21=41
    23.James Persinger-63-19=44
    24.Peyton Depriest-72-27=45
    25.Jeff Feezle-53
    26.Andrew Boylan-73

    Welcome new players Jeff and Andrew!!!!!!

    Ace Fund maxed at $450!-($13 CTP money)

    CTP's- Hole 2 $13- Jeff Nugent
              Hole 10  Gateway Evolution Disc Jeff Nugent

    Peyton Depriest won a Lotto Ticket for his "most help needed" round!

    Sunny 85 degrees no wind
    perry dunne

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    Avon Thursday Singles Handicap 6-27-13

    Post  perry dunne on Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:49 am

    1.Randy Fisher-60-29=31 1st $20
    2.Mark Muncy-53-21=32 2nd $10
    3.Ryan Hendershott-52-19=33 3rd $7
    4.Don Miller-62-26=36 4th $6
    5.Jeremy Zollars-48-11=37 $10 $5 best round $5 5th-(won on third playoff hole)
    6.Jared Tribbett-51-14=37 6th $4
    7.Larry Lerma-58-21=37 7th $3 (won on second playoff hole)
    8.Kevin Johns-56-19=37
    8.Tony Muncy-81-44=37
    8.Jesse Vondersaar-76-39=37
    11.Matt Johns-53-15=38
    11.Mike Brown-65-27=38
    11.Perry Dunne-59-21=38
    11.Chris Henry-73-35=38
    15.Zac Debow-55-16=39
    15.Mike Bertsch-56-17=39
    15.Jeremy White-70-31=39
    18.Tom Brown-60-19=41
    19.John Lowery-59-16=43
    20.Kevin Verstraeten-66-21=45 Winner of "Most Help Needed" Lotto Ticket
    21.Devan Meador-59
    22.Darrell Meador-61
    23.Joy Sullivan-82

    Welcome new players Devan, Darrell, And Joy!!!!!

    Please note-There will be no league next Thursday night in observance of the Fourth of July. We will resume on Thursday, the 11th.

    Ace Fund at $450

    CTP's-#15-Purple Champion Archon-Ryan Hendershott
    #18-$11-Ryan Hendershott
    #6-$12-Mark Muncy

    90 degrees, humid, westerly breeze 5-10 mph
    perry dunne

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    Avon Thursday Night Handicap Singles 7-11-13

    Post  perry dunne on Fri Jul 12, 2013 9:37 am

    1.Tony Muncy 72-44=28 $25
    2.Jesse Vondersaar 69-38=31 $13
    3.Mark Muncy 53-19=34 $10
    4.Doug Mueller 55-19=36 $7
    5.Brad Lerma 54-17=37 $6 (second playoff hole)
    6.Jared Tribbett 51-14=37 $10 $5 best round, $5 6th (won on first playoff hole)
    7.Larry Lerma 57-20=37 $17 $4 for seventh $13 for CTP
    8.Ryan Hendershott 56-18=38 $16 $3 for eighth, $13 for CTP (won on third playoff hole)
    9.Chris Henry 72-34=38
    10.Darrell Meador 60-21=39
    10.Kevin Johns 58-19=39
    10.Mike Bertsch 56-17=39
    10.Peyton Depriest 67-28=39
    14.Devan Meador 61-20=41
    14.Matt Johns 55-14=41
    14.Tom Brown 61-20=41
    14.Zac Debow 57-16=41
    14.James Persinger 60-19=41
    19.John Lowery 59-17=42
    19.Perry Dunne 61-19=42
    21.Jeremy Zollars 54-11=43
    22.Jeff Nugent 60-16=44
    22.Jeremy White 75-31=44
    24.Rich Pitcock 66-21=45
    24.Randy Depriest 67-22=45
    26.Mike Brown 71-26=45 Won Most Help Needed LOTTO TICKET!

    Ace Fund is at $450

    Best Round- Jared Tribett- 51

    CTP's-Hole 2 Champion Banshee-Devan Meador
    #6 $13 Larry Lerma
    #14 $13 Ryan Hendershott

    Sunny 78 degrees north wind 5-10 mph AWESOME!

    perry dunne

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    Avon Handicap Singles 7-18-13

    Post  perry dunne on Fri Jul 19, 2013 9:54 am

    1.Zac Debow-49-17=32 $24
    2.Jesse Vondersaar-68-36=32 $12
    3.John Lowery-51-18=33 $7
    4.Randy Depriest-58-23=35 $6
    5.Larry Lerma-55-19=36 $5 (won on 1st playoff hole)
    6.Kevin Johns-54-18=36 $4 (won sudden death closest to hole one)
    7.Jeremy White-66-30=36 $3
    8.Mike Brown-63-27=36
    9.Steve Boylan-45-8=37 $5 Best Round-NEW LOWEST SCORE EVER!!!
    10.Darrell Meador-59-21=38
    10.Devan Meador-58-20=38
    10.Matt Johns-52-14=38
    13.Jeremy Zollars-50-11=39
    13.Tom Brown-60-21=39
    13.Mike Bertsch-56-17=39
    16.Mitch Pitcock-54-14=40
    16.Rich Pitcock-63-23=40
    18.Ryan Hendershott-58-17=41
    19.Brad Charles-50-8=42
    20.Mark Muncy-60-16=44
    21.Perry Dunne-65-20=45
    22.Tony Muncy-DNF

    Ace Fund stands at $450

    Best Round-Steve Boylan-45

    CTP's-#6-X Avenger-Ryan Hendershott
    #10-$11-Matt Johns
    #18-$11-Mark Muncy

    90 degrees, sunny, humid, little to no wind
    perry dunne

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    Avon Thursday Handicap Singles 7-25-13

    Post  perry dunne on Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:07 am

    1.Perry Dunne-55-21=34 $42 $25 1st $17 CTP
    2.John Lowery-51-16=35 $13 2nd
    3.Brad Lerma-53-17=36 $10 3rd (won on second playoff hole)
    4.Matt Johns-49-13=36 $7 4th (won on first playoff hole)
    5.Mike Bertsch-53-17=36 $6 5th
    6.Josh Shows-61-25=36 $5 6th
    7.Chris Henry-71-34=37 $4 7th (won on third playoff hole)
    8.Darrell Meador-57-20=37 $3
    9.Jeremy Zollars-48-11=37
    9.Mike Brown-62-25=37
    11.Doug Mueller-56-18=38
    11.Jared Tribett-50-12=38
    11.Mark Ross-49-11=38
    14.Kevin Johns-55-16=39
    14.Mark Muncy-55-16=39
    14.Rich Pitcock-62-23=39
    14.Zac Debow-53-14=39
    14.Tom Brown-59-20=39
    19.Jesse Vondersaar-72-32=40
    19.Jeff Nugent-56-16=40 $16 CTP
    21.Devan Meador-60-19-41
    21.Steve Boylan-48-7=41
    23.Larry Lerma-60-17=43
    23.Don Miller-68-25=43
    25.Jeremy White-73-29=44
    26.Zach Ross-56-10=46
    27.Dan Thomas-57
    27.Jerry Sumter-58
    27.Chris Herrmann-61
    27.Mike Milner-62
    27.Kyle Erving-67
    27.Ben Dickerson-74
    27.Steve Milner-85

    Welcome new players Dan, Jerry, Chris, Mike, Kyle, Ben, & STEVE!!!!!!!

    Ace Fund at $450

    Best Round-Steve Boylan $5 (won on second playoff hole)

    CTP's-#15-Mark Ross-Champion Orc
    #2-Perry Dunne-$17
    #13-Jeff Nugent-$16

    Most Help Needed Lotto Ticket Winner-Zach Ross

    Sunny 78 degrees slight northwest breeze

    perry dunne

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    Avon Thursday Singles 8-1-13

    Post  perry dunne on Fri Aug 02, 2013 10:15 am

    1.Rich Pitcock-55-22=33 $24
    2.Perry Dunne-54-20=34 $12
    3.Bill Riemerschneider-51-16=35 $8
    4.Doug Mueller-53-17=36 $7 (won on 2nd playoff hole)
    5.Tom Brown-56-20=36 $7 (won in sudden death)
    6.Darrell Meador-55-19=36 $6
    7.Kyle Erving-60-24=36 $5 (won in sudden death)
    8.Jeremy White-68-29=37 $4 (won in sudden death)
    9.Mike Brown-62-25=37 $3
    10.Steve Milner-80-43=37
    10.Chris Henry-70-33=37
    12.Brad Charles-47-8=39 $5 best round
    12.Mark Ross-50-11=39
    12.Ryan Hendershott-55-16=39
    12.Chris Herrmann-60-21=39
    16.Ben Dickerson-75-35=40
    17.Devan Meador-61-20=41
    17.John Lowery-56-15=41
    17.Mike Milner-64-23=41
    20.Jared Tribett-53-11=42
    20.Jeff Nugent-58-16=42
    20.Kevin Johns-58-16=42
    20.Jeremy Zollars-52-10=42
    24.Josh Shows-65-22=43
    25.Matt Johns-56-12=44
    26.Mike Bertsch-60-15=45
    27.Mark Muncy-62-15=47
    28.Tony Keady-67

    Welcome new player Tony!!!

    Ace Fund $450

    Best Round-Brad Charles 47

    CTP's-#18 Brad Charles- Discraft Crank
    #2 Chris Henry- $14
    #5 Jeremy Zollars- $14

    Most Help Needed-Mark Muncy- Winner of the Golden Lotto Ticket!

    83 degrees sunny slight north breeze
    perry dunne

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    Re: Avon 2013 Thursday Night Singles Handicap League Results

    Post  perry dunne on Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:01 pm

    1.Ben Dickerson-66-35=31 1st $20
    2.Mitch Pitcock-47-14=33 2nd $12, Best round $5, CTP #14 Disc of Choice
    3.Ryan Hendershott-52-17=35 3rd $7
    4.Rich Pitcock-58-22=36 4th $5 (won
    5.John Lowery-50-14=36 5th $4 (won on second playoff hole)
    6.Kevin Johns-52-16=36 6th $3 (won on sudden death playoff hole)
    7.Randy Fisher-62-26=36 7th $1
    8.Mike Brown-62-25=37
    9.Larry Lerma-56-18=38
    9.Lawson Bonar-62-24=38
    9.Mike Milner-61-23=38 $10 CTP #10
    9.Perry Dunne-57-19=38
    13.Mike Bertsch-56-16=40
    13.Tony Keady-67-27-40
    15.Mark Ross-51-10=41
    15.Zac Debow-55-14=41
    17.Jeremy Zollars-54-11=43 $9 CTP #6
    18.Kyle Erving-68-24=44
    19.Mike Brown-63-19=44

    Ace Fund at $450

    Best Round- Mitch Pitcock-47

    CTP's-#6-Jeremy Zollars
    #10-Mike Milner
    #14-Mitch Pitcock

    Most Help Needed Lotto Winner- Tom Brown!!

    78 degrees, slight north breeze, humid
    perry dunne

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    Avon Handicap Thursday Singles 8-15-13

    Post  perry dunne on Fri Aug 16, 2013 11:21 am

    1.Jeremy White-61-31=30 1st $24
    2.Josh Shows-56-23=33 2nd $12
    3.Jeremy Zollars-47-11=36 3rd $8 CTP-Starfire
    4.Randy Fisher-61-25=36 4th $7
    5.Mark Muncy-54-18=36 5th $6
    6.Don Miller-62-25=37 6th $5
    7.Chris Henry-69-32=37 7th $4
    8.Brad Charles-46-8=38 8th $4-best round $5-(won in sudden death)
    9.Randy Depriest-61-23=38 9th $3
    10.Mark Ross-49-11=38
    11.Perry Dunne-57-18=39
    11.Ryan Hendershott-56-17=39
    11.Steve Boylan-46-7=39 $13 CTP
    11.Zach Ross-51-12=39
    15.Chris Herrmann-61-21=40
    15.Mike Bertsch-56-16=40
    15.Mike Brown-62-22=40
    15.Mitch Pitcock-52-12=40 $13 CTP
    19.Kevin Johns-56-15=41
    19.Mike Milner-63-22=41
    21.Jesse Vondersaar-73-31=42
    22.Rich Pitcock-63-20=43
    22.Zac Debow-57-14=43
    24.Larry Lerma-61-17=44
    25.John Lowery-57-12=45
    25.Tom Brown-65-20=45

    Ace Fund at $450

    #2-$13-Steve Boylan
    #6-$13-Mitch Pitcock
    #10-Star Starfire-Jeremy Zollars

    Most Help Needed Playoff-Tom Brown & John Lowery

    Sunny 75 degrees 5 mph west, nw breeze

    Please Note: Final Day is in three weeks-September 5th. If you played at least one time prior to this date in 2013, you are eligible.
    perry dunne

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    Avon Thursday Handicap Singles 8-22-13

    Post  perry dunne on Sat Aug 24, 2013 10:42 am

    1.Ben Dickerson-64-32=32 $21  1st
    2.Peyton Depriest-61-28=33 $10  2nd
    3.Chris Henry-66-29=35  $8  3rd
    4.Kyle Erving-61-25=36 $7 4th
    5.Randy Fisher-59-23=36  $6 5th
    6.Tom Brown-57-21=36 $5  6th
    7.Randy Depriest-59-22=37  $4  7th
    8.Mike Brown-61-24=37 $3  8th
    9.Zach Debow-52-14=38  $14 CTP
    9.Zach Ross-51-12=38  $5 best round
    9.Jeff Nugent-55-17=38
    12.James Persinger-58-19=39
    12.Kevin Johns-54-15=39
    14.Doug Mueller-57-16=41
    14.M.Bertsch-57-16=41 $12 CTP
    14.Tony Muncy-81-40=41
    17.Mark Muncy-60-18=42
    17.Mark Ross-52-10=42
    19.John Strifler-55-12=43
    19.Lawson Bonar-66-23=43
    21.Perry Dunne-60-16=44
    22.Ryan Hendershott-62-17=45
    22.Larry Lerma-63-18=45

    Ace Fund at $450

    CTP's-M.Ross-#2 Latitude Fuse
           P.Dunne-#6            Core
           M.Bertsch-#14  $12
           Z.Debow-#18    $13

    Best Round- Zach Ross $5

    Most Help Needed Lotto Winner-Larry Lerma

    77 degrees, cloudy,  northerly winds 5-15 mph

    Last Week is 2 weeks away-Sept 5
    perry dunne

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    Avon Singles Handicap Thursday 8-29-13

    Post  perry dunne on Fri Aug 30, 2013 5:50 pm

    1.Ben Dickerson-57-30=27 1st $24
    2.Mike Bertsch-48-17=31 2nd, Best Round, $17
    3.Kyle Eriving-56-24=32 3rd $8
    4.Tony Muncy-72-39=33 4th $7
    5.Peyton Depriest-62-28=34 5th $6
    6.Tom Brown-54-20=34 6th $5
    7.James Persinger-55-20=35 7th $4
    8.Zac Debow-50-14=36 8th, Aced #13, CTP #14 $154 & Ice Bowl Wraith
    9.Mike Milner-61-23=38
    10.Larry Lerma-59-20=39
    10.Rich Pitcock-59-20=39
    10.Zach Ross-52-13=39
    13.Randy Depriest-61-21=40
    13.Perry Dunne-57-17=40
    13.Jared Tribett-51-11=40
    13.Chris Henry-69-29=40
    13.Randy Fisher-61-21=40
    18.Ryan Hendershott-57-16=41 CTP $13
    19.Mike Brown-64-22=42
    20.Mark Muncy-61-18=43
    20.Doug Mueller-58-15=43
    22.Brad Charles-52-8=44 CTP $13
    22.Jeremy Zollars-54-10=44
    22.John Lowery-59-15=44
    25.Dan Thomas-72-25=47
    26.Kevin Johns-64-15=49

    Ace Fund Hit by ZAC DEBOW!!!!! Hole #13 $150 ($300 left)

    Best Round- Mike Bertsch 48

    Most Help Needed-Kevin Johns 49

    90 degrees, humid, slight breeze

    Next Week is the Finale. Let's start at 6PM!!!
    perry dunne

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    Avon Thursday Handicap Singles Finale 9-5-13

    Post  perry dunne on Fri Sep 13, 2013 2:45 pm

    1.Mark Ross-44-11=$33 1st $25 cash, $25 credits, $5 best round-new record!,
    2.Mike Milner-56-22=34 2nd $12 cash, $20 credits
    3.Jeremy White-62-27=35 3rd $9 cash, $19 credits
    4.Ben Dickerson-62-26=36 4th $9 cash, $18 credits
    5.Josh Shows-58-22=36 5th $8 cash, $17 credits
    6.Brad Charles-46-9=37 6th $7, 17
    7.Tom Brown-57-20=37 7th $6, 15
    8.Dan Thomas-62-25=37 8th $5, 14
    9.Ryan Hendershott-54-17=37 $4, 13
    10.Chris Henry-67-29=38 $3, 12
    11.Lawson Bonar-62-24=38 $3 11
    12.Darrell Meador-56-18=38 10 credits
    13.Randy Depriest-9
    14.John Strifler-8
    15.Mike Brown-7
    16.John Lowery-6
    17.Rich Pitcock-5
    18.Don Miller-5
    19.Kyle Irving-5

    35 players tonight-new attendance record!

    Mark Ross-44 best round New Record!!

    CTP Winners
    #2-Cameron Weigard-15 credits
    #10-John Strifler-15
    #13-Mark Ross-15
    #14-Kevin Johns-15
    #6-Jeremy Zollars-$18
    #18-Ryan Hendershott-$17

    Sunny 83 degrees, little wind

    Ace Fund starts at $300 next year

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